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Nov 10, 2012 4:45pm EST
to fight each other. john mccain echoed this with his famous observation how the world was tied together, and englishmen could order from his doorstep products from faraway lands and have them delivered to him. it is an early version of thomas friedman's theory which claims advanced countries that use computers won't go to war with each other. are, the starbucks theory. any two countries that have starbucks won't fight. unless they have triple espressoss. another observer-block, in a much different way, posited war would be so bloody and weaponry so deadly that no one would dare risk a conflict. all of these views assume european leaders can be rational, a stretch even in the present day. this of course vanished in august of 1914, a war sparked by one of the most unlikely of accidents when archduke franz ferdinand on his way back from a speech in sarajevo turned away from his planned route to visit a guard injured in an earlier, failed assassination attempt. of course he drove to his death, an incident that would plunge the world into a conflagration. i won't they dow they -- built into
Nov 10, 2012 8:00am EST
-bills bridges. her best friends, john mccain and lindsey graham. they are in a very different place. bill manages to come back. he always was an effective economic president. he almost redeems himself by bringing peace to the middle east. she is doing incredibly important work in new york but her life is -- she becomes in a sense an independent person one more time. they are still in love but now she is the person in charge and her career is at stake. we have never had this kind of story in the american white house. we have never had this kind of personal chemistry, personal chemistry which both incredibly and riches our understanding of what took place during those years and also leaves us with an abundance of unanswered questions. now is your turn to ask the questions and i will try to answer. [applause] >> if you have a question for professor chafe please come to the microphone and asked it as a question, no statements of opposition unless it is my introduction which is appropriate. >> i can see very many hands. people will be walking up to the microphone. not that i want 400 questions
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2